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The Patch Test Kit Story

Lisa Meredith 

Lisa Meredith, The Patch Test Kit creator

I have over 40 years experience in the hairdressing industry and today I run a successful hair salon in Middlesex. 

I am just as passionate about our industry and looking after my customers today as I was the day I started. 

Whilst not directly in my salon, I have seen the devastating personal and financial affects that an allergic reaction to hair colour can have on both the customer and the hair salon. 

18 months ago I started thinking about a patch test solution that would be more convenient for my customers: one that requires no special trip to the salon, yet is as thorough as the patch test they'd receive in the salon, by using the actual colour and developer that would be used at their colour appointment. 

I am now delighted that the 48 Hour Patch Test Kit is ready and available to order. 

Lisa x

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