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Insurance and Colour Manufacturers

The Patch Test Kit has been designed to provide hairdressers and colouring professionals a safe and convenient solution for allergy alert testing.

As part of due of our ‘due diligence’ to develop The Patch Test Kit we worked with our Insurance Brokers to ensure we could get insurance for our salon to use The Patch Test Kit for ‘at home’ allergy alert testing. We have also reviewed the product information given by a number of colour manufacturers to ensure that our testing process and instructions are fit for purpose.


We recommend that you inform your insurer and colour supplier that you will be using the Patch Test Kit for allergy alert testing before sending it out for the first time.

Below is some useful information that your insurer or colour manufacturer may require: 


1.     How The Patch Test Kit works

The Patch Test Kit is a complete kit with full instructions, allowing clients to carry out the patch test in their own homes.


The hairdresser fills the airtight syringes with 1ml of hair dye and 1ml of developer and posts the kit to the client in the secure box provided. The client carries out the patch test at least 48-hours before the appointment, following the detailed instructions on the box.


The client signs a declaration and provides photographic evidence that that patch test has been completed in accordance with the instructions.


The kit comprises: postal box and securing sticker, two syringes with stoppers (one for hair dye and one for developer), mixing tube, applicator and hypoallergenic plaster.


2.     Your Allergy Alert Testing Procedures

The Patch Test Kit gives hairdressers all the tools required to implement a robust ‘at home’ allergy alert testing procedure. Guidance on best practice for patch testing does vary – and your insurer will stipulate what their minimum requirements are for using The Patch Test Kit.


A number of insurers are tightening their rules regarding allergy alert tests on the back of a number of large payouts. Policies may require more frequent testing for existing clients using the same product and new tests every time there is a change of product, brand or manufacturer. Often insurers also stipulate that hairdressers follow manufacturer guidelines. Many manufacturers (including our own colour supplier) stipulate that patch testing is carried out every time you apply colour to a client’s hair.


Please Note: If you are not carrying out patch tests on a regular basis in accordance with the instructions from your insurer or your colour manufacturer you are at risk of invalidating your insurance and breaching Section 3 of the Health And Safety At Work Act, which could lead to prosecution and fines.


3.     Complying with Manufacturers Guidelines

It is impossible to condense the detailed stipulations of 100s of manufacturers into a common set of instructions given by the Patch Test Kit. However, we have found that specifying the points below in relation to The Patch Test Kit generally satisfies manufacturer requirements:

  • We instruct that tests are carried out at least 48 hours before the colour  appointment.

  • Detailed instructions are provided to allow the client to complete the patch test.

  • Patch tests are carried out using the actual dye and developer that will be used at the colour appointment.

  • A signed and dated client declaration, that the patch test has been completed in accordance with the instructions and supporting photographs are held by the hairdresser.

  • The patch test can be carried out as frequently as required by the manufacturer or insurer. 

Please Note: We recommend that you inform your colour supplier before using The Patch Test Kit for this first time. If there are variations in instruction, check that they are important to the validity of the test results (eg where the patch test is carried out on the body – such as elbow vs behind ear won’t affect the result). In the unlikely event that it is required, please notify your clients of any necessary changes to the testing procedure.


4.     Not a medical or cosmetic product

The Patch Test Kit is not inherently a medical or cosmetic product. The kit allows pre-approved hair dyes and developer to be transported safely to client homes and provides the client with the necessary instructions and equipment to carry out the test. No additional chemicals or ingredients are added.


We have full product liability insurance (we can provide a copy of this if required).


Please note:

If after supplying the above information, you, your insurer or your colour supplier require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.



We can also put you in touch with approved colour manufacturers and insurers who already provide cover for use of the Patch Test Kit.

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