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How The Patch Test Kit Works

It's so easy! Follow these simple steps...


Open your kit

Each kit contains:     

2x syringes & end caps

1x mixing tube

1x applicator

1x hypoallergenic plaster

1x resealable bag

1x postal box

1x sticker to seal box


Fill syringes

Draw 1ml of hair dye into one syringe and 1ml of developer into the other.*


Firmly replace syringe end caps ready for posting.

* Please check against your colour manufacturer's allergy alert testing instructions.

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Post to your client

Put all the kit items into the resealable bag and pop it in the box.

Seal the box using the sticker provided and post using a large letter postage stamp (stamp not included).

Notify your client about the kit in advance and post it to them before their appointment.

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Remind your client

Clients should begin the test at least 48-hours before their appointment. Full instructions are printed in the kit.


They should bring to their appointment their signed Patch Test Kit declaration (printed inside the box) and supporting images to show that the test has been completed.

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Retain Evidence

Keep the signed The Patch Test Kit box as proof that the test has been completed.

Top tip: To save space, photograph   the signed box and keep the pictures  on your customer’s record.

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