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Invite your clients to get Colour Ready

To make it super quick and easy for you, here's a message you can send to your clients, inviting them to receive a Kit. Feel free to change it to suit you: 

"We’re getting in touch to tell you about our NEW Colour Ready service, which gives you the freedom to colour your hair whenever you like and take advantage of walk-in and last-minute appointments.

Before any colour can take place, we must have a valid allergy alert test (patch test) result for you on file. If we don’t have this, by law we are not able to carry out a colour creation, transformation or roots.

Allergy alert tests need to be carried out at least 48 hours before any colour appointment. But with our new Colour Ready service, you will be pre-approved to colour anytime - without the 2 day wait.


We will send you a safe and simple test to carry out at home, no trip to the salon necessary. If there's no adverse reaction, you will be pre-approved for colour treatments in the salon. Test results are valid for X months. [update according to your and your colour manufacturers' requirements]

If you would like to get Colour Ready, please get in touch today. [add contact details here]"

How To Pre-Approve Your Clients for Colour

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*according to your requirements and manufacturers' instructions.

With The Patch Test Kit, get ahead of your allergy alert testing and pre-approve clients for colour, so they’re always colour ready.

Finally, you can say “yes” to last-minute requests and walk-ins, and fill cancellations with colour appointments too.


It's really simple to do and has the added benefit of reminding clients to book their colour appointments. 

So, give your clients the freedom of being pre-approved for colour today!

Colour Ready Invitation Wording
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